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“Jesus is the only Savior, but not everybody who

is being saved by Him is aware that He is the

one who is doing the saving”

–Tony Campolo

This is an interesting spin on interpreting the passages in John.


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With God

I want to collaborate with God in creating a world that he will be proud to come back to!

What about you?

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Just a quick update on a couple of new resources.  Well, they’re new to me at least.

1. A video, “Does God Exist?” produced by Focus on the Family.  Classroom setting with content delivered by Stephen C. Meyer.

2. A book, “The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate” by John H. Walton.

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From N.T. Wright’s book, Surprised by Hope:

“It was not merely that God had inaugurated the ‘end’; if Jesus, the Messiah, was the End in person, God’s-future-arrived-in-the-present, then those who belonged to Jesus and followed him and were empowered by his Spirit were charged with transforming the present, as far as they were able, in the light of that future.”

He didn’t come to take us to heaven.  He came to transform the present through us – to collaborate in bringing God’s Kingdom on earth!

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As I think about my life with Jesus, I often wonder what if I weren’t afraid?  What if I really knew and believed that He was going to show up when I needed him?  Maybe I would:

  1. Start a preaching ministry
  2. Lead a group of men into the wilderness to meet God
  3. Fight for my daughter and her faith
  4. Sell my house and downsize so I could live with one foot raised
  5. Start a home group
  6. Tell my mother how much I love Jesus

What about you? What’s on your list? Then the question becomes – How have we let the enemy talk us out of all these things?

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Danny Stinson wrote a blog asking men the question: What are you fighting for?

What is your cause? What drives you? What gets you up in the morning? What makes your heart come alive? What is God calling you to spend your warrior passions on? Your calling, your battle must come from the Lord.

Maybe you are meant to fight for time with God. Maybe you are meant to fight for your friends. Maybe you are meant to fight for your wife. Maybe you are meant to fight for the truth of what God says about you. Whatever the calling, once you decide to step out, that yearning from deep inside your soul will come alive.

Why do we men love great battle movies? Why do we love to watch Gladiator, Braveheart, 300? Each movie speaks to the warrior inside of us. Each movie stirs our spirits to step off the sideline and into the fight. They give us a taste of the freedom living out how we were created. I don’t want to wander through life anymore. I don’t want to be passive and allow years to pass, and then look back on those years and think to myself, “Oh what could have been.” I want to be a warrior, a fighter everyday of my life.

What are you fighting for?

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All I can add is Yes!

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Tony Jones talks about the new Missional Leadership degree at Rochester.


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